Disney Movie Rewards Codes Ongoing List

This is our ongoing list of Disney Movie Rewards codes. If you are reading this and find that some of them have expired please let us know and we will update our list.

  • Enter code BEARS for 10 Movie Reward Points!
  • Head over HERE and unscramble the words for 30 Movie Rewards Points!
  • Head over HERE and earn 5 Movie Reward Points via their Facebook Page.

You can only redeem codes once per account. You can log into your account HERE and if you are not a Disney Movie Rewards member you can sign-up HERE for free and start earning points towards cool merchandise!


  1. NYCMartini says

    Both of these codes worked for me even though you state that one of them didn’t work.

    New Code: fbk100 (5 Points)

    New Code: C2FH88UF5X (5 Points)

    • Sweetie Lisa says

      Great! I’m glad I didn’t delete it then. :) Some were saying on Facebook that it didn’t work so it must be hit or miss…. Thanks for letting me know!

  2. Eleanor says

    T5WM52PA7L isn’t live anymore, and CHIHUAHUA is only good for newly registered members, but cool worked for 50 pts. Also, D11M20R01N is still available; I’ve already entered it for mine.

  3. Sharon C says

    M1D17PYH9MXZ will only give you 50 points when you enter a eligible code by 2/15/11
    786936294507 tryed it gave me zero points it’s for a Toy Story ungrade only

  4. Tammy says

    Rats, I clicked to go to the next page before I clicked on the Disney Movie Rewards code box on the new Cars Sweepstakes and now it won’t let me back in. Do you think it will be there tomorrow when I log in? Is it a unique code?

  5. says

    Asking the same question as tammy.. I clicked on the sweepstakes, it asked me to log in, then took me to a page w/3 cars on it… never even said I entered the sweepstakes. Clicking on the sweepstakes tab again takes me back to the same page.

    I hate Flash sites. So unnecessary.

  6. Mommy0Fthree says

    Not sure if everybody gets a different code but when I did the cars sweepstakes thing they gave me the code: GD2MM7SB7Q4 worth 50pts.

  7. says

    PIXIE is only for newly registered members, and the code MommyofThree listed was just for her, states “Code was already used”

  8. Karen says

    :(( None of the codes worked for me…and I tried them all. Most were only available for newly registered members. Some others I’ve already claimed. Thanks!

  9. sid says

  10. Emily says

    Are we allowed to put movie codes here too?
    Because i will post all my movie codes for everyone. I have almost 3000 points worth.

  11. KATIE says

  12. says

  13. Sarah says

  14. Jill says

  15. James says

  16. SARAH says

  17. Nichole says

  18. Melissa says

  19. says

  20. Verena says

  21. Kelsey says

  22. Elena says

  23. Jodi says

    Hi Emily, I tried the two codes this am, neither worked. I would love to get the list of codes so I can work on my rewards….1st grand baby due any day! Thanks for the daily alerts! I’m loving it!

  24. Ashley says

  25. Stacy marie says

    Hi Emily..I would love the list to be able to use for my daughter..If its no trouble for you! Thank you so much!!!!!!

  26. Tanya says

  27. keli says

  28. Lauren says

  29. brittany says

  30. Melissa says

  31. Amanda says

    Does anyone realize your disney code for each movie isnt different for every movie sold? the same code goes for every movie…so lion king has the same insert…cars2 same number there is no reason to be trading like crazy we should all just share them because we can use the same code 50000 times!

    • Joanna Reay says

      sorry your theory that all codes are the same for each movie is down the drain. My codes are different from my friends (exact same lion king movie….purchased at same time). I even gave my sister a few codes to try and it says that the code has already been used. Disney is smart, they know we would all catch on if the codes were the same. Oh well!

  32. Joanna Reay says

    sorry your theory that all codes are the same for each movie is down the drain. My codes are different from my friends (exact same lion king movie….purchased at same time). I even gave my sister a few codes to try and it says that the code has already been used. Disney is smart, they know we would all catch on if the codes were the same. Oh well!

  33. mechelle says

    I have 100 points for Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs if anyone would like to trade for equal value, for movie points I do not have.

  34. jennifer drummer says

    why cant we just all post our codes online instead of trading? whats the point?? cant we all just be nice and post them??!!

  35. Shayla says

    I have 450 points worth for Lion King. It said on the case I should get 150 but I got 450! Would like to know if this works for anyone else if we trade! 😛

  36. June says

    Need codes to see Beauty and the Beast. I bought my daughter the movie and she just loves it. Entered the code and got a free ticket, but i would like to take myself and my other daughter. I have some Disney codes and will send you a list to chose from. Does 3 codes sound good?

  37. jaime says

    • Jill says

      I’ll trade for Tangled, I have 100 points for Alice in Wonderland Special Anniversary Edition and 100 points for Princess Protection Program.

      • natasha says

        i have hsm3 and High School Musical: The Concert—Extreme Access Pass DVD. Want to trade each worth 100 points

  38. Janet says

    I am in need of codes can someone please let be borrow some my house was broken in too in lost all of my kids Disney movies there I didn’t know about the codes until now

  39. Janet says

  40. Jill says

    I’ll trade 2 codes, I have 100 points for Alice in Wonderland Special Anniversary Edition and 100 points for Princess Protection Program.

  41. misty says

    Im in need of codes for my5 yr old son. Anything would help all my disney movies were stolen from living in the womens home. So i would be greatly thankful for any help.

  42. daniel says

    anyone wanna trade for 100 point codes? i have alice in wonderland, beauty and the beast dimond edition, lion king diamond edition, wizards of waverly place movie., high school musical 3 and up

  43. xu says

  44. courtney says

  45. HOLLY says


  46. Keith says

  47. Kala says

    I have 17 codes if anyone would like them. I took the inserts out so I don’t know which movies they are from but they do work. Email me and I will send them all to you and maybe you have a few I don’t have.

  48. Liz says

    Can these codes be used more than once for different people? I would like to know…if so…then sharing codes would be great for all.

    • Ashley says

      No, the codes can NOT be used more then once. But, for instance, I have a Toy Story code that I can not redeem because I have already redeemed a Toy Story code before. The code is different, but Disney doesn’t let you redeem two different codes for the same movie. My family has two copies of Toy Story but can only use one code. So, thats why other people are trading.

  49. Lacy says

    • hope says

      what’s all the trading the DMR codes? I need a code in order to order 1 of the $3.98 DVD’S available until 5/31.
      What do your trade for a code?
      Never heard of it before!

  50. LYN says

    I have 6 blu ray codes to trade. Please let me know what titles you have the codes from and if you’d like to trade. I have, WALL. E, G force, pirates of the carribean dead mans cheast, nightmare before christmas, the search for santa paws, pirates of the carribean on Stranger tides.

  51. Kenny says

  52. Jessica says

  53. Jessb says

  54. AMBER says

    I have 2 Disney Rewards codes Blueray 125points each that I would like to trade. ! is The Lion King 1 is Lady and the Trap. Let me know if anyone would like to trade.

  55. Megan says

    I have a whole bunch of codes. I am looking for codes for Tinkerbell, The Princess and the Frog, Toy Story 3, Wall-e, and Snow White. Or whatever I don’t have. These are all not blu-ray so I’d be happy to trade for any of the ones I have or don’t have in blu-ray as well.

    I’ve got:
    Lady and the Tramp
    Sleeping Beauty
    The Black Cauldron
    The Emporer’s New Groove
    Bridge to Terabithia
    The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian
    Meet The Robinsons
    Tron: Legacy
    Alice In Wonderland (Live Action)
    Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 1
    Wizards Of Waverly Place The Movie
    Bedtime Stories
    Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind
    Howl’s Moving Castle
    My Neighbor Totoro
    Castle In The Sky
    The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    Fox And The Hound
    Tales From Earthsea
    Oliver & Company

    email me: [email protected]

  56. Amanda says

  57. Sheana says

  58. eamitche says

    • eamitche says

      Updated List:
      The Little Mermaid Special Edition DVD
      Dinosaurs DVD
      Beauty And The Beast Diamond Edition DVD
      Cars DVD
      The Jungle Book 40th Anniversary Platinum Edition DVD
      Meet The Robinsons DVD
      Ratatouille DVD
      Enchanted DVD

  59. ms dee says

  60. Kayla says

    I’m trying to get 449 more points. So, I can redeem them for an Avengers plush for my son. Any one not using any??

  61. Melissa says

  62. Emma says

  63. jenn says

    I have a few codes that i’m looking to trade for up bluray code. I have Alice in wonderland dvd code and nightmare before Christmas 2 disc collectors edition, i’m will to give both of these codes for just the one up bluray code..

  64. Wanphen says

  65. SHARON says

  66. John Waldrop says

    I am willing to trade these Disney Codes for other movie codes,

    Dumbo 70th Anniversary Edition DVD -100
    Doc McStuffins: Friendship Is The Best Medicine DVD -75
    Alice In Wonderland Special Un-Anniversary Edition DVD -100
    Cinderella Diamond Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack -150
    Secret Of The Wings DVD -100

  67. Jessica Larrimore says

  68. HeatherR says

    I have a Brave code I am willing to trade for either of the following:
    Secret of the wings, Lady in the tramp, Tangled, Bambi, Beauty and the beast, The Lion King, Pocahontas…

  69. Melissa Webley says

  70. Will says

  71. says

    I am looking for some codes for these movies: Tangled, Game plan, Cars, Tron legacy, pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2, 3, National Treasure 2, and Narnia 1, 2.

    • Kyle says

      I have Cars available if you are still looking (100). I also have Little Mermaid (100) and Walt Disney treasures Wave VIII (125) if any of those interest you.

  72. Dany says

  73. Baylee says

    Man! Looking at my family’s movie collection, I can’t find the codes. Where do I look and how long have codes been being made?

  74. Kyle says

    I am looking to trade the Little Mermaid – 2 Disc Special Edition (100), Cars (100), and Walt Disney treasures Wave VIII (125), if anyone is interested.

    • Mark says

      I have Toy Story 2 Special Edition Blu Ray. I could use Planes or Underdog (or probably many others…Disney Treasures Wave, Narnia 2, etc). I might also have UP Blu Ray and Monsters Inc. Blu Ray if needed.

  75. Natasha says

    Hey Mark or anyone else, I have a Planes dvd and Lone Ranger Blu-ray code up for trade. I also have Catching Fire uv code I would love to trade for 2 DMR codes

  76. danny says

    Lilo & Stitch And Lilo & Stitch 2: 2-Movie Collection Blu-ray Combo Pack 150
    The Princess Diaries 2 Movie Collection Blu-ray 250
    Miracle Blu-ray Combo Pack 150
    Treasure Planet Blu-ray Combo Pack 150
    Race To Witch Mountain DVD 100
    The Emperor’s New Groove And Kronk’s New Groove 2-Movie Collection Blu-ray Combo Pack 150
    Peter Pan Return To Never Land 150
    Sword In The Stone 50th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack 150
    Robin Hood 40th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack 150

    I have codes to trade if you still want to:
    email me at [email protected] to trade Disney movie codes

  77. Annette says

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