Dream Duffel: Dance Moms Organizational Helper

Dream Duffel has made my life as a dance mom easier. My daughter is she started Competition Dance last year and it has been quite the experience. There is lots of glitz and glam backstage but one thing that is usually missing is enough room to prep. Typically the competitions are held at school or hotel conference rooms so makeshift backstage areas are setup. A big open room, maybe a few dividers, and some tables and chairs. That it doesn’t leave much area for hanging costumes and keeping things all together. At a recent competition I spotted Dream Duffels and became the happiest dance mom ever!

Dream Duffel: Dance Moms Organizational Helper

Dream Duffel offers a duffel bag and garment rack in one. This gives me a way to transport costumes and accessories AND hang them! They include interior and exterior pockets for extra storage and rolling wheels for easy moving. Personalization is available if you would like to add your child’s name or dance studio.

Using a Dream Duffel is really easy. The wheels roll great on cement, tile, and carpet which is great as it will be traveling around, a lot. :) The Garment Rack is quick and simple to set up.

1) Pull bars up out of the side pockets in the Dream Duffel.

2) Insert the middle bar in between the two bars.

3) Snap it in place and you are set.

There are several sizes and packages depending on your dancing needs.

The Small Dream Duffel holds approximately 1 to 5 costumes.
The Medium Dream Duffel  holds approximately 6 to 9 costumes.
The Large Dream Duffel holds approximately 10 to 15 costumes.

Dream Duffel prices start at $140 and for me this was a worthwhile investment that will be used for many years to come. We have our last competition of the year this coming weekend and I can’t wait!

You can check out the Dream Duffel Facebook Page to stay up to date on happenings and new products!

*I was provided with a Dream Duffle for my review. Any opinions are 100% my own.

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