NFL Kids Fan Club Kits

One of the moments that warms my heart is watching my 7 year old son sit with his dad and cheer on the Kansas City Chiefs. He will yell “Touchdown” and “Go, Go, Go” with such enthusiasm. I recently signed him up for the Kansas City Chiefs Kids Club. He got a really neat package with a poster, lanyard, trading cards and a membership card. Even better, it was FREE! I decided to check into other football teams offer NFL Kids Fan Club Kits and I was surprised to see how many teams offered these. Some are free and others require a yearly membership fee. They come with everything from pencils to T-shirts and even Free Papa John’s Pizza! The pizza could be a great deal because for the price of the Kids Club Membership you are getting a bunch of team swag + free food. Lost of the sites even have “Kids Zones” loaded with free games, coloring pages and activities!


Note: Some of these NFL Kids Clubs are Free and others require a yearly membership fee. 

Does your son or daughter have a favorite team? Find them on the list and join the club!

*I also attached the fan feedback email address for teams that had one. If you would rather you could email and request freebies instead of joining the clubs. They will typically send you a photo and a schedule.

Arizona Cardinals: 

Join the Kids Club for a $24.95 fee and receive a Kids Club T-Shirt, Letter from Coach Whisenhunt, Water Bottle, Sling Bag and more.

Atlanta Falcons: 

There is currently not a Kids Club listed online for the Falcons. However, you may be able to sign-up at the stadium on game days.

Baltimore Ravens:

Join the Ravens Rookies Club for $25 and receive Rookies-only Ravens Items, 2 Free Large 1 Topping Papa John’s Pizzas, Special invitations, 1 Spring Football Festival Ticket, Birthday Card, Goodie Bag, and More!

Buffalo Bills:

Join the Junior Bills Backers Club for FREE exclusive invitations to family friendly events.

Carolina Panthers:

There is currently not a Kids Club listed online for the Panthers. However, they have a “Kids Zone” with online games.

Chicago Bears: 

Join the Kids Club for FREE and get a membership card, letter, free Papa John’s Pizza (only valid in IL, WI, and IN), and more. You can also join the MVP Club for $25 ad get  all of the free member benefits plus a backpack, kids football, and more.

Cincinnati Bengals:

Join the Cincinnati Bengals Kids Club for $25 and you will receive a notepad, pennant, and more.

Cleveland Browns:

Join the Browns Kids Club for $19.46 and receive a Girls or Boys kit with some sweet items.

Dallas Cowboys:

Join the True Blue Kids Club for $19.95 and receive a Welcome Letter from Jerry Jones, Membership Card, Tin Lunchbox, Team and Cheerleader Photos, Limited Edition Photos, Tattoos and More! There is also a Baby Blue Club for $24.99 if you know any Cowboy’s Fans that are expecting.

Denver Broncos:

Join Broncos Bunch for $20 and receive 4 Issues of Broncos Kids Magazine, Participation in Exclusive Events, Shirt and More!

Detroit Lions:

Join the Detroit Lions Meijer Kids Club for $25 and receive a t-shirt, backpack, and more.

Green Bay Packers:

Join the Junior Power Pack for $20 and receive Membership Card. Dry Erase Board, Cool Packers Items, and more.

Houston Texans:

Join Toro’s Kids Club (Team Membership) for FREE and receive a Membership Card, Welcome Letter, Birthday Card, Invitation to Toro’s Kids Club Day, and More.

Indianapolis Colts:

Join the Colts Kids Club for $25 and receive a Membership Card, Backpack, Birthday Card and More!

Jacksonville Jaguars:

Join the Jaguars Kids Club for $29 and receive a shirt, lunch tote, and lots more!

Kansas City Chiefs:

Join the Chiefs Kids Club for FREE and receive Membership Card, Special Offers, Birthday Card and Newsletters.

You can also join as a MVP for $20 and receive all of the Free Club Benefits, Reebok Hat, Drawstring Backpack, Free Admission to the Draft Day Party, Discounts and More!

Miami Dolphins:

They have put a hold on their Fan Clubs for now.

Minnesota Vikings:

Join the Mini Vikings Kids Club for $20 and receive a Membership Card, T-Shirt, Cinch Bag, and More!

New England Patriots:

There is currently no Kids Club listed online.

New Orleans Saints:

Join the Saints Kids Club for $15 and receive a Drawstring Bag, Water Bottle, Membership Card, and Lots More!

New York Giants:

There is currently no Kids Club listed online.

New York Jets:

Join the GenJets Kids Club for FREE and receive a Kids Only Autograph Session, Phone Call, and More!

Oakland Raiders:

Join the Silver & Black Raiders Rookies Club for $14.99 and receive a Membership Card, Folder, Foam Hand, Decal, Stickers, Birthday Card and More!

Philadelphia Eagles:

Join the Eagles Kids Club for FREE and get access to kids only events, contests and more!

Pittsburgh Steelers:

Join the Steelers Kids Club for $19.95 and receive a drawstring bag, dry erase board, magnet, and lots more!

San Diego Chargers:

There  is currently no Kids Club listed online.

San Francisco 49ers:

Join the 49ers Kids Club Red for FREE and receive a Welcome Letter, Discounts, Schedules, e-Magazine Subscription, Exclusive Contest Participation, and More!

Join the 49ers Club Gold for $20 and receive all of the Club Red Benefits plus a rally towel, tattoos, stickers, and More!

Seattle Seahawks:

Join the Seahawks Kids Club for $20 and receive a Bag, Autograph cards, frisbee, and more!

St. Louis Rams:

Join the St. Louis Rams Field Goal Club for $30 and receive a pop-up, Dave & Buster’s Coupon, foam football, and more!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

They are currently in the process of starting a Buccaneers Kids Club. We will keep checking back and update when it is open!

Tennessee Titans:

Join the Titans Kids Club for $9.95 and receive a Poster, Newsletter, Folder, Membership Card, and More!

Washington Redskins:

Join the Redskins Kids Club for $24.99 and receive a Membership ID and Backpack, Food Coupons and More!

*Pay special attention to the details of the paid memberships. The time you sign-up can determine what ticket and event offers you receive. Make sure to sign-up at a time when you will get the full benefit of the membership.