Help Keep Your Kids Cold and Flu-Free this Season

I love this time of year because the leaves are turning color, it brings with it holiday’s and the weather is perfect for my favorite things like hayrack rides, bonfires, etc. However, I dislike that along with it comes the flu, the cold, and all those other horrible fall and winter viruses.

With two little ones in school, keeping the cold and flu at bay can be a never ending task. There are several things I do to help insure we all stay healthy during this time of year.

I start the day making sure they have a great breakfast, with Vitamin C, before they head out the door. Not only does this keep up their energy, which I feel helps keep away illness, but the Vitamin C also does wonders for staying healthy. Both my kids carry pocket size hand sanitizer to use throughout the day when needed.  I love that there are some that come with a clip so they can attach it to their belt buckle or backpack so it doesn’t get lost. Pocket Tissues are also another thing I stick in their backpack. Every classroom has a box but pocket tissues come in handy in the lunchroom and on the playground when they don’t have access to the classroom.

At home I take precautions as well. As soon as the kids return from school they give their hands a good washing. Tackling anything that may be coming in the door right away. :) We have the usual hand sanitizers pumps, tissue boxes and anti-bacterial wipes. I love that we find great deals on these throughout the year so that I can stock up and be ready. 😉 Another thing I keep on hand is an Air Sanitizing Spray. I will admit, I use this on the door knobs at the first sound of a cough but gives me peace of mind that I have tried to nip it in the bud before it gets worse. I also tend to wash blankets and pillowcases more during the fall and winter and their gloves and hats get washed almost every weekend. Should I tell you know that I am a bit of a sickness germ-a-phobe?! 😉 2 Years ago everyone of us got the flu, twice, and I NEVER want that to happen again…!

One of the things that is hardest, at least for my youngest, is to remember to cover his mouth when he coughs or sneezes. Sometimes he is really good about throwing up his elbow really quickly and then other times he does nothing at all. That is one of the things that I am always nagging about because, one it’s manners, and two it keeps any germs from spreading.

Flu Shots are something that are on almost everyone’s mind right now. Should we get one, when should we get one, what option do we go with? Lysol is helping, with the cost of it, by offering $5.00 when you purchase any 1 Lysol Product and get your Flu Shot. You just need to send in your receipt from your Lysol Purchase and payment of your FluShot to get your $5.00. This is valid from October 1st – February 29th and you can get your rebate form HERE.

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