JCPenney Hair Salon Coupons and Salon Products Sale

I decided that I want to find a new hair salon and since I remember going to the JCPenney Hair Salon years ago I decided to give it a try. Since we were in the area we went into JCPenney to make the appointment. I was surprised that they are having a great sale and the flyer is right at the cash register.

I do not know if you can just use the codes that I give you from the flyer or if you need the actual coupon. They had a huge stack of them on the counter. If your  jcpenney Hair Salon  doesn’t have the flyer call and ask them first before you arrive.

To find the most up-to-date JC Penney Hair Salon coupons call your local salon and make sure you sign up to receive their coupons by mail.

Here is a look at it and some of the hair service sales they are offering:

New JCPenney Hair Salon Clients:

  • Haircut and Style with a Designer-Level or Senior-Level Stylist $20 (code 089-2100)
  • Haircut and Style with a Master-Level Stylist $25 (code 089-2100)
  • Haircut and Color or haircut (code 089-5400) and partial highlight $50 (code 089-5401)
  • Haircut and Perm $60 (code 089-1100) or haircut and relaxer $60 (code 089-8900)
  • Haircut and Full highlight $70 (code 089-5402)

When I asked they said they don’t actually have Master Stylists and they are all really Senior stylists so I could use the $20 coupon. I haven’t been there for 10 years so I am considered a new client. If you aren’t in their computer system you would also be considered a new client.

Make sure you verify that the coupons are still active and haven’t expired before using them.



Existing JCPenney Hair Salon Clients:

  • Free Hair Glossing, Deep Conditioning Treatment or Facial Hair Removal with purchase of a Salon service of $30 or more

This is an actual coupon with a UPC code so I am not sure if you can just tell them about it but the UPC code is MC4480200003000000144150

Current JCPenney Hair Salon Sales:

  • Buy One Get One 50% Off of OPI Nail Polish, including the new Pirates Collection. Regular Price $1.95 to $16.95
  • Studiowise Appliances like Flat irons and hair dryers $29.99 after $5 jcpCASH Regular price $69.99
  • Buy One Get One 50% Off entire stock of Paul Mitchell, Redken, Sexy Hair, Nexxus, Phyto Organics, Nexxus Y Serum, Sebastian, Biosilk, CHI, Bed Head, Catwalk, Keracare, Nouritress, Mizani, Joici, and Design Essentials

jcpenney hair salon color free service coupon


  1. Steven says

    I work for a JCP Salon. Yes.. you must have the actual coupons…. usually they pass them out at the store. If not ask anyone at JCPenney where to get one and they can help you. also if you call to make an appointment.
    Please make sure you state that you have a coupon and for what. That way it is booked that you are new and that its charged the correct price. PLEASE MAKE SURE you have a detailed consultation with the stylist. Tell them what your aiming to achieve. Bring photos for inspiration or get there early to look through style books. That way the stylist knows for a fact what youre wanting to achieve, and he/she can work with you and see whats possible for youre hair type/condition and lifestyle.
    Also.. please be aware that a PARTIAL FOIL only consists of 12 foils.. after that its 5$ per extra foil. also, More can and will be charged for extra long and or thick hair (more hair means more product used and more time booked).

    At JCPenney, we use very high quality hair color / products. It isn’t the cheapest and you get what you pay for. We want you to have an amazing experience at our Salons. So please keep in mind These coupons are used as a thank you for our existing clientele and to help attract new clients to the salon. thank you.

  2. says

    Why are all coupons for new customers only. Us returning customers would like to have a price break also. I love the service at jcpenney salon, but the prices are expensive. Coupons for existing customers would be greatly appreciated.

      • Denise says

        I love the JCP salon (and the staff); but am in agreement with Carol & Joni: existing customers should receive the same cost-saving incentives that are offered to new customers. I realize “new customer” coupons are a marketing tool developed to increase the client base; however, CLIENT RETENTION is equally important…especially in the competitive salon industry. JCP’s new “Fair & Square” marketing campaign should include the salons too!

        Suggestions: 1) Refer-a-Friend “reward” for existing clients (increases client base AND demonstrates appreciation); or, 2) a Frequent Visitor card (i.e. free or discounted service after x number of visits)…”Hair Miles” or “Frequent Dyer Club”?

    • Ruth says

      I agree existing clients should get a sale after all it is our choice to come back or not and Senior stylist and Master stylist all have prices that vary in price that limits your sale even on what specials you give if you could get them you never know what you are to pay one is higher than the other and the price list does not apply to the two levels of service. NOT GOOD.

    • S. Paroya says

      I would always go to two salons in TX. They sent me a survey and I filled it out and I mentioned the same exact thing about returning customers. I never heard back and the last time I went to JCP salon, the hairdresser disappeared for 30 minutes. He said that he was arguing with his manager because he told me one price and she said it should be more. Needless to say, I never returned.

    • robin hull says

      i have been a customer for years they are very professional. they are frendly. listen to you when you explain what you want

  3. nancy kancler says

    i just found out my hairdresser is no longer there i am so upset ive been going there for years i wont be back and i will let others no beverly was the best

  4. Joan says

    I went and had my hair colored at JC Penney. I picked out a color I wanted. When the girl did it my hair was not the color I wanted. When I got home I saw where she did not bleach my hair out good. So now you can see my hair is two tone. I am not pleased at all. The girl is a very sweet girl. But she should have done the color I wanted or close to it. I am not pleased with my hair. Thanks.

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