Kidoodle.TV Offers Children’s Video-On-Demand Service (Beta Testers Wanted)

If you have little ones sitting on your couch watching TV, you may be interested in Kidoodle.TV from Parent Media Co. Inc. (“APMC”)! A children’s video on-demand subscription service, Kidoodle.TV™ is designed specifically for children under 12 and ensures and age-appropriate viewing experience. No adult content and robust controls for parents makes it unique. The content can be accessed at anytime and anywhere over an Internet connection.

Kidoodle.TV is currently seeking families to be beta testers. You can sign up for the free beta service that gives you early access to the site features. This gives you the ability to influence the shape and content of Kidoodle.TV™ once it becomes available to the public! How great would that be to know that you helped build an awesome way for kids to safely enjoy shows?! As a beta testers, you will be asked to provide feedback, letting the Kidoodle.TV™ team know about your experience. As a participating parent, you will have access to hundreds of hours of great content, a Parents Room with parental controls and user customization features, character navigation, age category filtration, and genre categorization.

Sign up to be a Kidoodle.TV Beta Tester Today!

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