Kidoodle.TV Video On-Demand Service for Kids

For the last few weeks I have been testing out Kidoodle.TV,  with my kiddos. Kidoodle.TV is still in BETA Mode, and it is a children’s video on-demand subscription service, much like Netflix, but designed specifically for children under 12. It ensures an age-appropriate viewing experience, NO adult content, and robust controls for parents.

The Parents Room is password protected and features all the tools you need to monitor and customize your users. You can at up to five household users to your account and each one gets their own avatar. Within the Parents Room, you can also control the viewing parameters for each child, helping to ensure a safe viewing environment. You can also Set Time limits to balance the time spent on Kidoodle.TV with other important activities.

There are actually lots of great kid-friendly shows available on Kidoodle.TV! Some of our favorite include G.I. Joe, JEM, Pound Puppies, Strawberry Shortcake, Tranformers, and The Adventures of Chuck and Friends. There are lots of options for all of our kids to watch, plus fun categories like Heroes of the Day, Brainy, Cute & Cuddly, and more.

 Kidoodle.TV can be accessed at anytime and anywhere over the Internet, currently on Mac and PC and launching soon on iPhone, Android, tablets and gaming consoles. Through December 31st you can checkout Kidoodle.TV for FREE! Plus, when you sign up you will be entered to WIN 1 of 10 Tablets and 1 of 10 Year Long Kidoodle.TV Subscriptions!


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