Monopoly is Back at McDonald’s #McDMonopoly

Monopoly is back at McDonald’s! Summer just got hotter with 1-in-4 chances of winning some awesome prizes! Do you play Monopoly at McDonald’s? I have won the occasional free food item but never anything big. You? Some of the prizes up for grabs this year include:

  • FIAT® 500 vehicles
  • Delta Vacations trips for two
  • Beaches® Resorts Luxury Included® Caribbean Vacations
  • Super Bowl XLVIII trip from EA SPORTS
  • and more! 

One lucky player could potentially bite into a Big Mac® worth $1MM dollars**! Guess what? They have raised the stakes and now you have two chances at a $1MM prize! You can see the full list of prizes and start playing at and you can snag a FREE game piece by using the Facebook code FORYOURGAME 

* Odds are based on Game Pieces (each has 2 Game Stamps); mostly food prizes.
** $1 million payable $50,000 per year for 20 years without interest.

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