Muppet Monday: Muppets Most Wanted Sweepstakes Round Up #MuppetsMostWanted


This week’s Muppet Monday is the beginning of the Muppets Most Wanted Sweepstakes Round Up! I say beginning, because, as we get closer to Muppets Most Wanted hitting theaters on March 21st, we will hopefully see more fun sweepstakes to enter. Right now, there are two. But these two Muppets Most Wanted Sweepstakes have some pretty sweet prizes.

QVC Muppets Most Wanted Sweepstakes: Through March 16th you can enter daily for the chance to WIN some Muppet-tastic prizes including QVC Gift Cards, Muppets merchandise, or even a trip to The Muppets Most Wanted Premiere! Plus, The Muppets are coming to QVC all day on March 16th and you will have the chance to when prizes! Watch QVC and look for the code words to enter.

Disney Music Muppets Most Wanted Sweepstakes: (For ages 16 and under) Through February 27th you can enter the daily code word shared on Radio Disney for a chance to WIN a trip to The Muppets Most Wanted Premiere!

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