Fisher-Price My Little SnugaBear Cradle ‘n Swing: Soothing and Entertaining

*I was provided with this Fisher-Price Product for my review and any opinions are 100% my own. 

My Little SnugaBear Cradle ‘n Swing by Fisher Price is one of Monkey Girl’s favorite places right now.  I don’t blame her! I want to curl up in all its cozy soothing adorableness myself! 😉  Easy to put together, easy to use, and multiple functions. What more could you want in a baby swing?! For the past few weeks we have been reviewing the My Little SnugaBear Cradle ‘n Swing by Fisher Price. After the first two weeks of use, our other two swings went into our Garage Sale. Yep, we love that it much. Available exclusively at, the all-new My Little SnugaBear Swing is a sophisticated and adorable swing giving your baby all of the soothing and entertaining benefits of cradling and swinging in a cozy, stylish design.

I really like that there are two swinging motions. The traditional head to toe swing and a side to side to swing. I don’t know about you, but when I hold my babies, I rock side to side when soothing them. Heck, I rock side to side even when I am not holding baby because I am so used to doing it! 😀 Having the side to side swinging motion is my favorite feature. It is super easy to switch the swinging motions. Simply push in the button and swirl the swing around and you are all set.

The My Little SnugaBear Cradle ‘n Swing by Fisher Price has Smart Swing Technology. This offers improved motor performance (it starts without a push!) and a wide range of swing speeds that don’t slow down as baby grows. There are six swing speeds that speed up or slow down with the push of a button. We haven’t gone over the 4th speed yet and Monkey Girl prefers 3 for playtime and 1 for nap time. 

Speaking of playtime, the My Little SnugaBear Cradle ‘n Swing by Fisher Price has several features that are great for playtime as well as soothing. There are 16 songs and 2 nature sounds for baby to listen too. Monkey Girl really enjoys the outdoor insects sounds with the chirping cricket sounds. The motorized mobile has 3 hanging plush toys and can stay stationary or spin in a circle. Not only that, there is a mirror  as well as a take along teether toy.

A few other features that I love are having a 3 position seat and 2 position recline. This is a great feature for growing babies because they can lay farther back as they are learning head control and sit farther up as they grow. We keep Monkey Girl laid back for nap time and upright for playtime. There is also a cozy little seat pad that easily removes for washing. I’ve already had to do it twice thanks to Monkey Girl’s diaper leaking out of a crack. Thankfully the seat pad protects that swing fabric from getting wet, making clean up easier!

The My Little SnugaBear Cradle ‘n Swing can seem like a big swing compared to others. However, it does fold for storage if you need the space when it’s not in use. There is also a plug in option, to save batteries, and that is how we have been running it. The motor seems loud when you first turn it on but quiets down when the swing gets to the speed it’s set on. It is A LOT quieter then the other two swings we had which is a huge plus! 

Doesn’t she look comfy laying on the micro plush  boa?! I would be!

Your due date may be nine months away, but it’s never to early to start planning for baby! Fisher Price eases mom-to-be’s worries and Fisher-Price is there for every stage of your pregnancy. Helping you ready the “nest” with quality products as you counts down the days until baby is in your arms and comes home. If you are shopping for a swing for your little bundle of joy, or for a baby shower gift, check out the My Little SnugaBear Cradle ‘n Swing for a great multi functioning adorable cradle ‘n swing!

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  1. Chrystal says

    Are you going to be giving this away? I am in dyer need of baby items. My son is still in nicu due to being born at 28 weeks.

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