Current Mail In Rebates for 2015

Don’t throw out your receipts, we have added lots of new rebates you may qualify for! Here is a current list of mail in rebates that you can take advantage of right now.

Mail in Rebates 2015



  • Schick Rebate: Purchase 2 participating Men’s Schick or Edge Products and get 2 Free Fandango Movie Tickets via Schick Text Rebate that is valid through 7/10/2015
  • Eggo Movie Cash Rebate: Purchase Eggo 24ct at Walmart and get $10 Movie Cash via that Eggo Movie Cash Rebate that is valid through 7/15/2015.


  • Energizer Batteries Rebate: Purchase 2 participating Energizer Products and get $8.00 back via the Energizer Batteries Rebate that expires 8/30/2015.
  • Kimberly-Clark Rebate: Purchase $25 or $35 worth of Kimberly-Clark Products and get $5 or $10 back via the Kimberly-Clark Rebate that expires 8/31/2015.


  • Bayer Lawn & Garden Rebate: Purchase participating Bayer Advanced Lawn & Garden Products and get up to $6.00 Back via the Bayer Rebate that is valid through 11/30/2015.


  • Kellogg’s Avengers Offer: Redeem codes from select Kellogg’s Pop-tarts for Avengers Bobbleheads or Movie Tickets via the Kellogg’s Avengers Offer that is valid through 12/21/2015.


  • Physicians Formula Rebates: Get up to $40 Cash Back via the Physicians Formula Rebate when you purchase participating products through 2/16/2016.
  • O’Reilly’s Rebates: There are a variety of O’Reilly’s Rebates available and there are new ones added all the time.
  • Jolly Time Popcorn Rebates: There are a couple of Jolly Time Popcorn Rebates available right now for Weight Watchers Magazine, Jolly Time Reusable Bag, Jolly Time Container, and more!
  • Secret Clinical Strength Loyalty Program: Purchase 4 Secret Clinical Strength Deodorants and get one Free via the Secret Clinical Mail in Rebate.
  • Gold N’ Plump Rebates: There are two Gold N’ Plump Rebates right now for a cookbook and knife sharpener. New ones are regularly added so check back often.


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  1. Victoria W. says

    Could you tell me how to get the rebate form for the Kellog’s Fiber Plus cereal—the link just takes you to the site where you can make a comment—I don’t see anything about rebates???

    Thank You!!

  2. says

    Go-Gurt is offering up to 4 free tube chillers per household w/ 2 UPC codes per tube chiller. You can find the form on the back of specially marked boxes. My son is excited to get these and we’ve had a lot of good coupons for Go-Gurt recently.

    • Sweetie Lisa says

      Looks like they have removed that offer. It may be found on specially marked boxes… I have removed that one from the post.

  3. elynor says

    Libman Wonder Mop link takes you to the LiteHouse dressing website. Just thought you’d like to fix that :-)

  4. Amberly says

    The Clorox Toilet Wand link doesn’t work. I get a blank white page with “hi” in the upper left corner. LOL

    • Sweetie Lisa says

      Oh goodness, I have apparently been missing that one when go in and delete the expired ones…..the Clorox Rebate expired last February – I removed it now sorry about that. :)

  5. Natalia Pino says

    AWESOME!!! thank so much for all these rebates!!
    Love it!!!
    Thanks for whoever put this page together! Your great!

  6. Teresa Vincent says

    Thank you, I use to rebate many years ago and then I started working. It is hard to find rebate forms or know where to look. I have just started back doing my coupons 4 weeks ago and it is wonderful, but the rebates makes it great. Thank you for your time and consideration for posting these.

    • Sweetie Lisa says

      Thanks for letting me know Jenice. I have removed it until I figure out why it’s gone – it was valid through 9/30/12. :\

  7. Lyra says

    The HIll’s Science Diet links don’t work. Thanks for all the rest of the list! I love rebates! :)

    • Pam says

      Yeah the Hills Science Diet isn’t working for me either, and I’m not able to find an active one the web.

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