Soar With Reading Sweepstakes: Share the Magic with JetBlue and Random House

Back to School time is rapidly approaching. My kids head back to school on August 26th. What about yours? As a child I was a big reader and loved smelling the pages of a brand new book. I even created a library with my books so I could “check them out” to friends. My daughter inherited my love for reading and nine times out of ten you will find her buried into a book. In 3rd grade (she is entering 6th grade this year) she started a Book Club for her classmates. She gathered all of the books she had read and donated them to her class. The Book Club would meet once a week to talk about what they were reading and take a home a new book. She loves reading so much that she wanted to make sure everyone had access to great books to read.

Have you ever thought about classrooms that don’t have books for students to read? 

In 2011, JetBlue launched Soar with Reading, a program that is designed to encourage kids’ imaginations to take flight through reading and get books into the hands of kids that need them. Since its launch, JetBlue and their partners have donated over $250,000 worth of books to kids in need! Isn’t that awesome?! As a mother are lover of reading, I think it is fantastic what JetBlue is doing this. This year, JetBlue partnered with Random House Children’s Books and Magic Tree House author, Mary Pope Osborne to encourage children to share the magic of reading. If you have a younger child you more then likely are very familiar with Magic Tree House Books. Both my school age children LOVE the stories and their teachers often read Magic Tree House Books to them during in class reading time.

As part of Soar with Reading, JetBlue and Random House are asking children “What magical places would you like to travel to with Jack, Annie and JetBlue this summer?” Children can create their own adventure and then ask you, their parent, to share their story with JetBlue. Participants will be entered for a chance to win a $5,000 college scholarship or other great prizes! What a fabulous prize!! Even better, part of the mission is to get $500,000 worth of books into the hands of children everywhere! For every sweepstakes entry, JetBlue will donate one book, up to $500,000 worth of books, to Mary Pope Osborne’s Classroom Adventures Program. 😀 

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