Why I Buy My Eyeglasses from Zenni Optical

Awhile back I decided I wanted new eyeglasses to change the style I have been wearing has been the same for probably the last 20 years and also to upgrade my prescription. I went out to Wal-Mart to see what they had to offer, thinking they would be the cheapest but I was sadly mistaken. The frames lone were $114. Yes, I could buy cheaper frames but I am pretty rough on eyeglasses and if I sit on them by mistake – yes, that happens – they would be crushed. I like sturdy frames with hinges so the arm doesn’t get extended by mistake. After pricing them with the eyeglass frame and the glass itself I decided to look online for another option.

I asked on Facebook to see what others might think of buying eyeglasses online and I got go responses. Overwhelming the choice to buy eyeglasses online was Zenni Optical so I decided to check them out.

The Zenni Optical website is easy to use and I was able to find the exact same eyeglass style as I had tried on at Walmart and found that they came with free magnetic sunglasses. The kicker for me was the price. These wonderful eyeglass frames were a quarter of the price as Walmart was selling them for so I decided to create my order on Zenni Optical. The total came to around $40 and I got 2 extra pairs of sunglasses.

zenni optical glasses review

My prescription eyeglasses ordered from Zenni Optical arrived in about a week – and much faster than Walmart would ever deliver them I’d say – and I am totally thrilled with them. These prescription eyeglasses are super sturdy, have the new ultra chic style I was looking for, came with 3 pairs of sunglasses, a carrying case, and a cleaning cloth, all for $47.75. These very same glasses would have cost me at least $150. I am amazed! Just how Zenni Optical is able to sell their prescription eyeglasses is a mystery to me but I am hooked. I will be buying all of my eyeglasses online from now on and because of the cheap price I may even get a vanity pair just to have a different look.

If you are interested in looking at the eyeglasses I purchased search for #5808. You can also get most of their frames in different shades than what is shown on the model picture. I got the gold for this model.

You can actually get cheaper eyeglasses from Zenni Optical but I wanted these sturdier frames that came with sunglasses and I wanted the totally rimless look. They even have prescription eyeglass frames starting at $8.00.

I highly suggest you try out Zenni Optical the next time you need prescription eyeglasses. You can find them at www.zennioptical.com

A Follow Up

After using these for awhile I found that I do not like the magnetic sunglasses. They are too lightweight and keep having to be readjusted and are flimsy. I’m trying to figure out something else I can use. The magnet is in the center. I have magnetic sunglasses for my other rimmed eyeglasses and they have heavy duty magnets that fit on each arm. They probably can’t do that for rimless though since there is no rim so it makes sense that this would be the type that they sell but I think they could make them with more heavy duty plastic.

I haven’t had rimless glasses like this before and find the frames themselves aren’t solid like my rimmed glasses you see in my profile pic. It is probably like this for most rimless glasses though. I knew it probably would be like this when I purchased them though and one nice thing is the arms are quite solid and they are hinged. You just can sit on them and expect them to be intact when you get up. I have sat on my regular rimless glasses many times with no problems. This is more of an issue with the style of glasses and nothing to do with Zenni Optical.

I would definitely buy from Zenni Optical again and I plan on soon because they were so cheap that I can afford 3 pairs for the price I would have paid for one. And, they arrived to me within 2 weeks of my order. Even if the sunglasses aren’t the best saving over 70% off the cost I would have paid locally is worth it. I was going to have to pay around $150 and these were around $40.

Here are some pictures of my new and old glasses and magnetic sunglasses so you can see the difference.

Rimless Eyeglass from Zenni Optical with Magnetic Sunglasses review

Rimmed Eyeglasses with Magnetic Sunglasses

Rimmed Sunglasses versus Rimless Magnetic Sunglasses review

Rimless Eyeglasses versus Rimmed Eyeglasses review

FTC Compliance: This is a review of Wendy’s personal eyeglasses purchase from Zenni Optical on my own and was not paid to review this company nor did I receive a free sample.

Wendy Sweetie Limauge Wendy is a mom of three grown boys and several granddaughters. She works as a full-time blogger running Sweeties Sweeps and Sweeties Freebies. Wendy has been married to Greg Limauge since 1979 and they live in Connecticut with their many cats and critters. I enjoy gardening, entering sweepstakes, saving money, shopping, and traveling.


  1. says

    Between my wife and I we have about 14 pairs of Zenni glasses. I wear multi focal so I have an assortment of bifocals, reading, computer, etc. Anyhow, on our last order my wife got the $3.95 clip ons for one of her pairs, and they work great. They’re not magnetic, they clip over the lens in a sturdy way. When ordering from Zenni it’s one of the options, you can get them for almost any glasses they sell, and well worth the $4.

  2. says

    Personally, I like 39DollarGlasses.com much more.

    They are American made and are serious about delivering the best quality glasses! A lot of the online eyeglass companies buy their glasses from China, which makes them so cheap to buy. But their quality is cheap too!

    I’d rather get what I pay for and have an excellent product delivered to my door in just days of ordering!

    Just my opinion


  3. Wendy G says

    I just received my second pair of glasses from Zenni and I am so happy about it. I got my first pair of glasses from an expensive store. But I only used them for several times because they made me feel dizzy and I looked 10 years older in those glasses. With the same amount of money I spent at that store, I could buy 5 pairs of Zenni glasses. My new Zenni glasses are very light weight and look so good on me. When you compare Zenni glasses with those $300 glasses, ask yourself these questions – how long are you going to wear the same pair of glasses? 2 years the most, right? Why would you want to spend hundreds of dollars on them while you can get good quality eyeglasses from Zenni?

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